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The ultrasound scanner Logiq E10

1 November 2023

We’re proud to announce that today the ultrasound scanner Logiq E10 s was delivered to the Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy Unit of the Rimini Infermi Hospital as part of a humanitarian and solidarity project in favor of the people of the province. The ultimate generation ultrasound scanner, purchased for a total amount of 68.000 €, will be used to diagnose inflammatory bo...

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31 March 2023

New inclusive sensory park in Viale Della Repubblica 39 Sant' Andrea in Besanigo (RN) behind our daily centre CASA MARCO SIMONCELLI. Open to all, people with different types and levels of disability. Come to see it, we are waiting for you!

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1 February 2021

For this 2021 we’ve decided to help the association “I frutti dell’ Albero” in Ferrara. We met them back to 2012, when we first helped them with 10.000€ to buy a land, where they project to built a daytime center for kids with cognitive disability and the autism spectrum disorder. Eight years later they completed the first phase of construction and now ...

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1 January 2021

Do you remember the halfway house for children with disabilities that we inaugurated back to 2013, which was a project in collaboration with the Francesca Rava Foundation, based in Milano? https://www.nph-italia.org/home/ The house was built inside the orphanage “Nostro Pequeno Hermanos onlus” in San Pedro de Macoriz, Domincan Republic; we are glad to know they are s...

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22 June 2020

21st of June 2020, 7:30 p.m., I was walking home on the same road as always through the Coriano's hills and while I was amazed by the spectacular view, something kept my attention. Driving across "Casa Marco Simoncelli", the day-time centre we built in those last years, I could spot a light switched on inside the house, Ciccio (a guy of the community of Montetauro) wh...

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Project Luce Burundi and Republica Dominicana

29 November 2015

With the purpose to contribute in helping Africans children and adults to see the world with their own eyes, the Foundation Marco Simoncelli gave a high technological and precise electron microscope to Semi di Pace International Onlus that since 2009, has been launching and extending the Light Project in Burundi, Bururi’s hospital and later, in Democratic Republic of Congo and Lumbi&rsquo...

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Project "Casa Marco Simoncelli"

9 January 2015

The "DAILY CENTRE FOR DISABLED PERSONS" Casa Marco Simoncelli, will be inaugurated on January 20th, 2019 in Coriano, the region where Marco grew up. Located 2 km from Coriano and 4 km from Riccione on a hill with a kind view on the sea, the former "Santa Marta Holidays House" is situated at the centre of a network of residential and...

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Project voci su voci

30 November 2013

Project description The association Voci su Voci was created in 2009 to aggregate, accompany and support the families of people with sensory disabilities (deaf and blind) of the province of Pesaro and Urbino. The need to aggregate and organize into a major share of the Community Empowerment arises in particular from the specialties of these disabilities (often grafted even in situations of m...

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House Project Marco Simoncelli

27 January 2013

The Marco Simoncelli’s house was inaugurated on 20th December 2013 at the NPH Orphanage in San Pedro de Macoris in Domincan Republic, this project that has the name of SIC, is a Centre for disabled children initiated and carried out in collaboration with the Foundation Francesca Rava-NPH Italy Onlus.  Marco Simoncelli’s rehabilitation house – San Marcos house...

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