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25 July 2017

The Simoncelli Foundation and Italian startup BRAIN, manufacturer of telemetry devices for motor sports, and finally operational, are delighted to introduce: The Sic 58 limited edition of the “BRAIN dose" product. The features of the telemetry device remain unchanged: lap time, speed, trajectory, lean angle, g forces and engine speeds are data that can be recorded and analysed (fu...

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We positive on track for Simoncelli

23 March 2017

We positive has created a line of bracelets to support our project in Coriano. When buying the bracelet , part of the money will be devoted to the foundation's project for the day care centre for children with disabilities. Discover more on our website of how support us with style  http://www.wepositive.com/charity/    

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... COTABO partnership will continue.

3 February 2017

Also this year the Taxi drivers of Bologna have chosen to help  our initiatives. They have publicized the Buon compleanno Sic 2017 and have adjusted the graphics on their cars, bringing a touch of local coolness to our event. We would say thank you to the whole cooperative COTABO for their passion, the effort and the heart they put in order to give real life to the Foundation projects and ...

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Professional datagest support the foundation. Together to form future engineer.

1 February 2017

On Friday 13th January, Paolo Simoncelli met with students who are completing their Masters in engineering specialising in racing motorcycles. Their learning process is extensive and the course is for those impassioned of motorcycles. It is organized by Professional Datagest, a company with management training headquarters in Bologna. The Datagest had supported the foundation since his first...

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15 December 2016

It’s available online the” MOTOGP", dedicated to Marco! Buy it on www.dromocopter.it or www.f58sic.com  

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AVANGARD LOOK Morciano & Cattolica

1 December 2016

  Would you like to make a great difference and help the foundation in a similar was  to Avangard Look Morciano & Cattolica (RN) , the prestigious saloon of hairdressers. Every year since 2012. they have transformed their Christmas present donation to help finance the center for the children with disabilites in Coriano. To follow this incredible example, we will give to thei...

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Welcome 12-58 !!!

7 July 2016

A little over two years ago, we joined in partnership with Croce Red Rimini, to raise money with the specific objective of purchasing a modern children’s ambulance  in memory of Sic. Thanks to the wonderful support of many people, yesterday we have taken our 12-58 by #aricar that will be presented to the media and now we can confirm, it will be presented to the public on Friday 8 jul...

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1 March 2016

When passion took life, ideas and projects were born to leave a mark. #Brain is a startup composed by passioned young people that have united their strengths in order to build the first telemetry smart making your motorbike turns safer, thanks to a series of sensors that trace your performance and take care of you. From now on the Brain supports the simoncelli Foundation! Part of the 58 bran...

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New Collaboration with Etiè

1 February 2016

As we begin the new year, we start with a new and enthusiastic collaboration called ETIE'. The glasses of last generation, sporting, unique, and 100% made in Italy. Here we reveal the 2 models of the fondazione Simoncelli's numbered collector. Do you like it? Choose our sunglasses for the summer... it adapts easily on every face.   For each sold piece part of the rev...

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1 January 2016

For the last three years, Prink have supported the foundation in a special way! Every year, Prink permit over a thousand clients to transform their Prink’s point into donations for the foundation. How? When you buy in their shops, you accumulate points and then, at the year end , instead of cashing in the points for gifts, you can cash them in on behalf of the foundation which helps...

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