1 January 2021 - 16 June 2022 News

Do you remember the halfway house for children with disabilities that we inaugurated back to 2013, which was a project in collaboration with the Francesca Rava Foundation, based in Milano?

The house was built inside the orphanage “Nostro Pequeno Hermanos onlus” in San Pedro de Macoriz, Domincan Republic; we are glad to know they are still working hard and well and at this moment they're able to accommodate up to ten guys with difficulties. We are receiving constant updates from a boy named Jaime Panco, who we met there in person, and that during our visit he bond so much with Martina Simoncelli as they shared the same age, and with Kate. In that year he was just sixteen years old, now he's twentyfour and he works tirelessly as a hydrotherapist, assisting the kids with disabilities inside the pool.

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