23 August 2018

By popular demand we are soooo excited to announce the return of the Spurtlèda58; the greatest go-kart race in the world! On wednesday 05 september at Pista KART Riccione Via Flaminia 75 at 9pm. Last years event was competed from behind closed doors, only between few closed friends but once again, this event will be for everybody The invite is extended to all possessors of permanen...

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4° Motoraduno Dainese Day

15 July 2018

PASSO DELLO STELVIO 21/22 LUGLIO 2018 The First meeting in Cermenate Via montesordo 27, this is the start of the motor meeting with Paolo Beltramo for the Stelvio! Aperitif, dinner & then talking with Paolone from the box.  On sunday , there are some incredible options. Firstly, we visit to the tranches and Carlo Donegani museum or if you prefer , you can go on a free tour to dis...

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Riccione Here We Come

11 July 2018

Riccione here we come with the First color run - the Sunset edition. From 6.30 pm to 10 pm on Saturday 14/7 will the run on Riccione beach and we will flood the place with colours! After the run , there will be a lot of music and fun on the stage in Piazzale Roma with RDS . Subscribe to the run using our code PROMOFONDAZIONESIC20 on the website or come and see us at the Founda...

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Nuova stagione del Master in Ingegneria della Moto da Corsa

11 June 2018

Once again , unique to Italian entries, we open the selection for the learning process, enterely devoted to the design and development of the bike competition. Organized by the professional company Datagest with management & training headquarters in Bologna with the support of FMI – Federazione Motociclistica Italiana, Confindustria ANCMA e Fondazione Marco Simoncelli. The object i...

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Motomemorial SicDay 2018

26 March 2018

It's spring time and our motormeeting time also! In the afternoon a motorike lap, a sane "piadina romagnola" and in the evening take a walk by the water after a good fish, what else? Come on to Motormeeting Sicday 2018!   And sunday Special Guests: Tatsuki Suzuki, Michele Pirro, Enea Bastianini and Mattia Pasini!   For info:

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14 March 2018

Here we are again guys, we have The wonderful second big event of the year of the foundation, The Giant For Sic that closes the winter season in Piani di Bobbio (LC). Bring your competion if you are a skier or if not, come and party with our group and join us. We stay together from early morning until late evening. The slalom starts at 9 am on the tracks, to continue to Bar Ristofunivia, w...

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7 February 2018

Mostrascambio Rimini is an event organized by Motor valley and Rider’s land that is increasingly growing Year on Year and will take place this year at Fiera di Rimini – Entrata Est (Padiglione D7). The demonstration is a reunion for all those enthusiasts of two and four vintage wheels coming from the whole region .  Thanks to their invitation we will be p...

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16 January 2018

Attention please ! The event “BUON COMPLEANNO SIC” is to change location.  For everybody has already bought the ticket: The event will be at PALACONGRESSI RIMINI IN VIA DELLA FIERA. The  event starts at 9 PM. For everybody who has not yet bought a ticket: what are you doing??  

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27 December 2017

ON 27 december this wonderful portrait, on marble of Carrara, was given to us. This is the work of the sculptor Huynh Van Hoang  who lives in Favale di Malvaro - Genova. A professional sculptor since 1996, this piece is 4 months of hard work to complete the sculpture. He worked 8 hours a day and simply asked for payment only from our thank you. Every time we get emotionally charged in f...

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13 December 2017

The Buon compleanno Sic event will this year come back home... The wonderful event will take place at Palasport Flaminio and will be the VII° edition of Buon comleanno Sic. This year event will be on friday 19/01/2018.  Yesterday at the press conference for the event was Aldo Drudi, the famous motogp designer , Andrea Gnassi mayor of Rimini who strongly wanted the return of ...

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