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24 August 2015 - 24 August 2015 News

On 24th August took place in Alassio, the event “E’ Clay dell’anno” directed by Sergio Sgrilli who had as special guests, Marco Simoncelli’s parents. During the event, the artist Monica Cecchin gave to the Fondazione Marco Simoncelli an artwork of Marco.


  • Mixed technic painting
  • 80x60 cm
  • Colours used : acrylic
  • The image was sold on the online platform for 750,00 euro. Thank you to the buyer who will stay anonymous for privacy reasons and thank you to Monica, Aldo Gandolfo (former PR of the Team Gresini and also Marco’s friend) and thank you to charitystars for the collaboration.

More information about Monica Cecchin and her artwork:

She was born in Alassio in 1970 and have lived for 22 years in Friuli in Pordenone where she started, as self-taught, to paint. There, in Pordenone, she takes part to many painting lessons and exhibition with association of the area.

In 2011 she comes back to live in Alassio and continues to paint.

The technique used for the painting is mixed: the artist uses pictures working on painting and also using acrylic colors or others materials in order to try to give a three-dimensional vision to the picture making a new concept of the portrait.

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