7 December 2014 - 7 December 2014 News

Rumble of motors. The weekend is coming and we all are waiting for it because it is going to take place the event “SIC Supermoto Day”, organized by Federico Capogna and his staff for the Foundation Marco Simoncelli. During this 3rd edition of this event, famous pilots of MotoGP, Superbike, Velocità and Supermoto will speed on the circuit.

On Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th December passionate of this sport will have the opportunity to meet their idols, face them and have fun with them through exciting initiatives. One of them, just to reveal a little bit in advance, will be the contest “All Stars” which will involve Supermoto pilots in pair with MotoGP or SBK pilots.

You still have the possibility to take part of this event by buying your ticket in the points of sale indicated on this page  but also by doing a bank transfer has indicated in the link.

It is important to underline the goal of this event. Having fun and charity at the same time. Proceeds of Saturday will be dedicated to the Fondazione Tudisco, non-profit organization which protects health rights of children stricken by serious illness. On Sunday proceeds will be destined to the Foundation Marco Simoncelli. During these two days, 20% will be deducted from the proceeds to help pilots or their family who really need in memory of Marco Simoncelli and Doriano Romboni, the pilot who passed away during practices of last edition.

We can’t wait for the event and we would like to reveal some names of the protagonists who will take part of this event. Between the Top Riders there will be Max Biaggi and Andrea Dovizioso, but also Haslam, Canepa, Pasini, Vizziello, Antonelli, DJ Ringo, Meda, Iddon, Fabrizio, Salvadori, Ferrari, Cruciani, Savadori. As for Supermoto representative we could see on track the world champion Thomas Chareyre and former champion Mauno Hermunen, also Gaspardone, Sammartin, Borella, Hollbacher, Promutico, Gente, Minutilli, Lancellotti, Gazzarri, Ciaglia, Guerra, Lorenzini, Brambilla.

We are all ready on the starting grid and you?

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