Letter for Marco

25 September 2015 - 31 December 2015 News

About 1 year ago, Jenny wrote a letter to the Foundation. We publish a part of it because her beautiful words deserve to be shared with Sic community. Thank you Jenny for the thought.

“We tried to remember you with happiness even if watching races on tv without seeing the number 58 speeding on the track, was not the same thing. It is not the same thing anymore.

We missed you and we still miss you Marco. With you a piece of championship is gone. Your sudden lack let a deep emptiness. Not even on the track but also in our hearts, because with your sunshine mood, with your congeniality and your naturalness you were able to win your public over. These persons who, without having the opportunity to know you personally, started to follow you, support you, loving you and caring for you.

It was not possible not caring for you.

Because with your jokes you knew how to spread joy, because you knew how to move with your races, with your overtaking, with your battles always at the limit, with your determination and passion that you dedicated in everything you made.

And with this smile we will continue to remember Marco, with these cocky eyes often hidden by your blond curls, with this joy and this light heartedness that only you were able to spread. As this twenty-fourth who dreamed to match his idol Villeneuve and who, in doing his best to succeed, wasn’t accountable to become himself, an idol for a lot of persons. For me. For everyone

I think that talent, determination and humility make a pilot a champion not even on track but also in life; and you, Marco, you were, you are and you will be all that.
Ciao SuperSic


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