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27 January 2013 - 27 January 2020 Our Projects

The Marco Simoncelli’s house was inaugurated on 20th December 2013 at the NPH Orphanage in San Pedro de Macoris in Domincan Republic, this project that has the name of SIC, is a Centre for disabled children initiated and carried out in collaboration with the Foundation Francesca Rava-NPH Italy Onlus. 

Marco Simoncelli’s rehabilitation house – San Marcos house will host 30 disabled children and 12 assistants will take care of them. This centre is a Day Hospital and every year, gives for free physiotherapy treatments, health care, educational school activities, a hot meal, a support to families, to many other children for whom access to care services in the country is extremely expensive and also limited. 

Thanks to the collection from the sale of the publication of “Ciao Sic”, volume created for free by journalists and photographers of the Gazzetta dello Sport; first initiative made to support the Foundation. Also thanks to donations of fans and friends all over the world and to events organized like “Buon Compleanno Sic” that the Foundation Marco Simoncelli could donates 215,000 Euro to the Foundation Francesa Rava – NPH Onlus in order that children in Dominican Republic, can now take advantage of an ad hoc structure designed and equipped with specialized equipment. 

The NPH Orphanage in San Pedro de Macoris currently hosts 250 orphaned children, many of them are children of illegal immigrants from Haiti, including 9 children with disabilities, who lived in a small house inside the complex, not adapted to their specific needs and without security features and service needs. 

The structure, specially designed for them is intended to accommodate 30 children disabled with dedicated specialist care. Founded in 2000, the Francesca Rava Foundation is particularly committed to the fourth world country of the Dominican Republic, where NPH has been present for 25 years under the guidance of Padre Rick Frechette, a priest-doctor, with projects in helping children. 

This poem was dedicated to us the day of the inauguration from a Tia who works within the complex

*Tia= a name given to ladies who manages, runs a home: 

Special Children are not children with disabilities
Special children are children with speciality.
Sometimes they can’t speak
but they fill our hearts with laughter and moving mimicry.
Sometimes they can’t walk
but they never let us alone in the journey of life.
Sometimes they can’t wash themselves
but they are happy when we take care of them
Sometimes they can’t feel comfortable
but they wake up with their energy and will to live.
Sometimes they can’t raise their arms
but they can show you the sky and the stars.
Sometimes they have incomprehensible behaviour
but they help you to understand the meaning of life.
Sometimes they can’t sit next to you
but they want to be welcomed into your arms. 
Sometimes they smile without reasons 
but they infect you with their joy.

To experience all these specialties, they need your special support.
You need to be a doctor to save them
a teacher to educate them
a lion to defend them
an attorney to represent them
a clown to animate them
a translator to interpret them
a soldier to protect them.
And a tio and tia to love them and take care of them in a special place.
This place we found it here at Casa Marco Simoncelli

On behalf of all the children of Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, we thank God for the life of Marco Simoncelli. Having a look at this wonderful work, we can almost see him here among us, feel his energy, his courage and the love that he gave and received in his life and that today is visible while inaugurating the Marco Simoncelli’s House. "A dream come true. 

We thank his family who made it possible to realize this dream. 

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